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Jan 2012      Top 39  RNS Journal  Articles &  Synapse9.com Research Archive pages 

557           Whether successfully averted for the moment or not/

328           My most disturbing finding/

322           Phpub.htm (publications list)

302           Systems Energy Assessment (SEA)/

186           Urges arousal and keynes animal spirits/

162           Design/dollarshadow.htm ($’s = btu’s)

118           Cartoons/ (mostly New Yorker’s)

115           Its the leeches that make us strong/

101           Pub/EffMultiplies.htm (natural effects of efficiency)

100           Chapters.htm (“S” curve reading templates)

92             Challenge for csr sustainability reporting/

87             What would release the logjam/

71             Our great love affair with change/

60             Does living in social networks change how we think/

55             The story of broke part ii the end of broke/

54             Crimes.htm (the collapse of crime in NYC)

52             Co2links.htm (CO2 and Temp rates of change align)

52             Ever growing wealth the sources of fictional value/

52             Sustish1.htm (#1sustainability issue)

51             Natsysintro.htm (2010 intro to Open Systems Physics)

48             Others.htm (others whose work influenced it)

46             Issues/naturalclime.htm (apply it to the economy)

44             Real complication/

44             The heart of it from scratch from two systemic views/

44             All time top 22 posts mar 2011/ (from access logs)

43             As physical growth slows finance demands dont/

43             Issues/concept$.htm (finance v. the earth)

42             GST.htm (the life cycle of General Systems Theory)

42             Physicsofchange.htm (using the law of continuity)

41             The uroboros mistakes her tail for lunch/

41             PICS.htm (mining nature for Cybernetic Parts)

39             Waves of immigration at growths beginning and end/feed/

38             How natural system bankruptcy works/feed/

37             Shapes1.htm (what an “S” curve is made of)

36             Ntglossary.htm (partial glossary of terms)

36             Prick or bleed scrooge tax or crash/

35             HDS.htm (consulting services)

35             The trap at the end of low hanging fruit/

35             Ref/shoudaknown.htm (Twitter archive)

Aug 2011 – first 3mo of Signals (new blog) top 8

112            Henshaw King Paper Awarded Prize

77              My Most Disturbing Finding

72              Where Do You Find The Natural World

62              Organic Thinking And Making Things Whole

45              Making Love The Great Gift Of Mother Nature

45              Natural Organization Giving Things Scale

44              Dice Or Approximation Does It Matter

33              Our Great Love Affair With Change

+ Prior 3 Mo of Alongshot (Old Blog) – top 22

1226         Treating Time As An Everywhere Local Process

635  –        Keynes Widows Cruse Compulsive Capitalism V Natural Growth

577           Missing From The Scientific Message

457           Measuring Co2 Lifespan

456           The Economic Meaning Of Steady State

432           The Difference Between Cash Cows And Crash Cows

299           Seminar On My Work At Foo Camp

287           Human Interference Polluting The Genome

281           Why Finance Has A Bigger Appetite Than The Earth

273           The Fit With Alexander And Clearer Escape From Our Traps

260           A New Years Wish The True Celebration

253           Simple Facts And Hard Memes Why Greening Doesnt Work

244           Immersing In The True Religion Of Nature’s Physical Intelligence

234           Is It The System Or The Excess?

232           The Limits Of Learning Machines Drawing A Blank

120           What Kind Of Search Is Finding The New Model

119           The Biblical Admonition Be Good Domestics For The Man Hiding from view

118           What’s One Thing Everyone Could Do To Slow Climate Change

118           Schematic Design Of Sustainability

115           The Telling Mental Gap At Gapminder.Org

114           Why Fixing What Failed Before Always Led To The Next

114           Defining Net Gdp For Steering A Planet


May 2011-2006 Alongshot (Old Blog) – 5 years, Top 22

1. » easy to mark
Jan 20, 2007 … How Nature makes things Simple is with Complex Systems, so Reading the Signals of Change in their Designs transports you out of the World of …
2. » Measuring CO2 lifespan
Jun 2, 2008 … How Nature makes things Simple is with Complex Systems, so Reading the Signals of Change in their Designs transports you out of the World of …
3. » What happens after the revolution?
Feb 7, 2011 … Brian Lehrer on WNYC radio asked that question “What happens after the revolution?” to discuss the experience of people that might apply to …
4. » what makes our life support system so …
Oct 8, 2008 … To NPR as we watch it all collapse. It’s high time you started asking that. Lots of people have studied it. Consider it as a recurrent …
5. » In a nut shell, what’s wrong with our world
Dec 1, 2010 … Read my site (& your world..) with some of these questions in mind and it could help -. People get into trouble with believing the stories …
6. » finding an end to “fix it and forget it” ?
Apr 21, 2009 … John,. The big shift in thinking about our impacts you suggest looks to me to have some interesting features. What seems hard for me, …
7. » Does increasing resource supply accelerate-depletion?
Mar 5, 2010 … I think the answer is, well, yes of course… Most people seem to intuitively confuse increasing their access to resources with increasing the …
8. » Group learning and the evolutionary clicks of energy in time
Jul 13, 2010 … I was pointed to Michael Herman’s Open Space World, and his introduction to his Open Space group learning methods. …
9. » Any chance what’s been right all along still is?
Jan 26, 2010 … letter to NPR -. You say “all things considered”. How about looking around to see what you’ve been missing? If familiar ideas seem exhausted …
10. » mixed up solutions…  [missing]
Sep 16, 2006 … Eric & all, It’s good to feel one’s way along, with new things particularly. The modern world sort of requires that you get rid of …
11. » Predictably exploratory maybe?? But is but-is-that-irrational?
Jan 9, 2010 … In response to a post by Marshall Goldsmith of Harvard Business review on Dan Arley, the author of “Predictably Irrational”, …
12. » What if I were in power, what would I change?
Nov 12, 2010 … On Nov 12, 9:08 am, Joan Sutherland wrote: > Please propose Phil, how you – if you were in power -would legislate changes …
13. » Who’s Changing our Natural Laws!!?
A reply to Bill Dixon on Global Foresight regarding Soddy and the need for changing assumptions in economics. ++++. I do agree with you generally, …
14. »Highlighting the challenges of 9 billion-people
Jun 2, 2008 … How Nature makes things Simple is with Complex Systems, so Reading the Signals of Change in their Designs transports you out of the World of …
15. » “The big Crunch” natural limits and the food crisis
Feb 8, 2011 … “The big Crunch” natural limits and the food crisis. John & all,. John, your new post on the food crisis, “As Goes Egypt”, is great. …
16. » The Biblical Admonition… be good domestics
Jun 21, 2010 … There’s been a fascinating discussion on the Monbiot Discussions of the Biblical model of nature as controlled by an authoritarian master, ..
17. » Egypt, What happens after the revolution
Feb 10, 2011 … 2/4/11 Use natural systems science…. I’m a scientist who studies the revolutions in natural systems that nature uses to create everything, …
18. » What to do… to steer our unmanageable world
Mar 7, 2010 … To ask the right question is how we can reduce our negative impacts on the world. Choosing the right things to spend on doesn’t really do …
19. » The limits of learning machines… drawing a blank!
Jan 9, 2011 … How Nature makes things Simple is with Complex Systems, so Reading the Signals of Change in their Designs transports you out of the World of …
20. » Simple facts… and hard memes, why greening doesn’t work
Feb 21, 2011 … Simple facts… and hard memes, why greening doesn’t work. Dan Ariely gave a recent talk on some of his new “Predictably Irrational” research. …
21. » Where doing good is the harm we’re fighting
Sep 24, 2006 … From: phil henshaw. Sent: Saturday, September 23, 2006 1:38 AM To: ‘overpopulation@googlegroups.com’ Subject: RE: Another good link to …
22. » Where does profit come from?
Nov 16, 2010 … Profit comes from organization, creating new forms of energy use. It’s the organization of the whole that results in new and greater valuesee also

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