Where does profit come from?

Profit comes from new organization,
creating new forms of energy use.

It’s the organization of the whole that results in new and greater value from the parts of a system.

Investors like that, because putting money (energy use credits) in, to help get organized helps create more profits in terms of producing surplus energy credits.

To organize, the parts need more than credits. They need a long list of things that all can run short, especially if being used up faster and faster with no on paying attention, as investors help more and more businesses create more resource uses and products.

Then to get the best profit an investor will invest in parts organizing to take resources or rights away from others, and so at firs seeming to creatively accelerate the “creative destruction” aspect of free market economies. It increasingly weakens the organizations that investors are not helping and profiting from the most… the ones they don’t value or pay attention to, like ecologies and societal stability and complexity, etc.

That’s why to maximize profit in the end, and keep a system profitable, investors should recycle their earnings rather than just pile them up higher and higher. When investors only put credit into things to keep adding to what they take out, it represent past earnings claiming an ever greater share of future earnings.

So in the end, lasting profit comes directly from caring for the organization that produces surpluses, and choosing to stop asking for ever more from it allows system to optimize and gives you the most nature can offer.

To avert the global financial system breakdown (i.e. something like world bankruptcy with no one being able to keep their financial promises) the key is to stop compelling people to keep multiplying their promises to stay in business. Seeing the problem is the first step.




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