Now I’ve grown up!

It may appear that everything I’ve ever said before was foolish… or at least from a different point of view.

I still perhaps have some leftover habits from when I, like lots of other people, thought that showing other people how they were wrong might interest them in finding if I was right, and then look for a common understanding.  I assumed I would someday find people whose sincerity in that way would be unquestionable. I thought I grew up with people like that.

Well, lots of people’s sincerity is genuine, but fragile in directions that mine may be strong in, and strong in directions where my own may be weak.

I’m still working on the same thing, reconnecting the mental and the physical. The human dream world is what we think makes us who we are, but we also have the chance and the ability to move on from where it has taken us. It need not be a farewell at all, of course, and connecting with reality certainly need not be the draconian kind of’dealing with reality’ that it is often portrayed as.

Well… paying attention to what’s happening in the small and large events swirling around you is good work, and will definitely have payback.


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