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Old Blog Site changeing

I’ll be switching from posting at “” to “” where I’ve installed a more functional blog. Nothing much fancy happening, but upgrading the tools of my original blog to WordPress 3.1.3.

You’ll still find this collection of posts covering the past 6 years of comment and research notes on the new science for a natural world here, until I figure out how to transfer them. Please do come there and subscribe to the RSS feed to keep following my new work and explorations of the subject.

My research archive, The physics of happening, is still at my domain along with my collections of images, reference libraries, introductions and writing

The old blog site just got to be a problem, unable to archive the posts except by printing them to PDF’s (!), unable to separate the spam from comments, no text formatting options, etc. …It was kind of primitive.

My subjects and writing style, of course, will remain just as “primitive” as before…(whether you saw that as a liability or benefit I leave to you), so the software upgrade won’t really change anything but the look and feel of the pages. ;-)


Recent additions to Concept and Comment list

List of short articles on main website: Concept and Comment.  Here are some recent additions – Happy Thanksgiving 2009

Peak Zucchini – 11/20/09 The story of overabundance and when to give it away for our Thanksgiving…
What in the world is really going on here? – 11/15/09 How our work ethic accidently pushes us up an ever steeper learning curve
How we get out of this – 11/11/09 What to do when it’s your solutions that become the main cause of your problems
Inside Efficiency – 11/10/09 The mystery of why doing tasks ever more efficiently multiplies their services and impact growth
The Missing Variables in Thermodynamics – 10/24/09 The unhidden but missing energy that builds energy flow systems
Lines of Sustainability – research notes on defining the limits of sustainability and points of vanishing returns.
Economies That Become Part of Nature – how we can, why we have to
When = becomes a sign of change – The real “millennium bug” is all the = signs becoming ? marks.
Efficiency Mistake – the main unwanted reverse effects of efficiency & productivity 5/27/09