Tricky Reading – the Indicator & the Context

From a conversation on the Commons Abundance Network.


Of course I agree a lot is solved by having it clear what you are using the word “growth” to refer to.   But it’s easier to figure out we *should* be clear about what is being referred to than to really do it.   It’s so easy to fall into the trap of treating some “positive indicator” as the system, some changing number that “sounds nice” in name, to end up promoting something not knowing what the real situation is at all.

That’s exactly how the BAU approach to consuming the planet ever faster got off track, using a trusted set of indicators and not paying the least attention to how their meanings were changing radically over time.   So, that philosophy’s “mistake” was not paying attention to the whole system it was applying its values to.

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of treating some “positive indicator”
as “the system”

False priorities develop are all over the place that way.  Giving relief wherever there is pain and suffering, for example, ignores that injecting artificial supports just skews the indicator.  It changes the ability of people to care for themselves in the wrong way, giving them dependencies rather than independence, and directly causes their own local cultures to become useless to them and decay.

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The false duality of mind & nature

Tweets from Shoudaknown 7/17/13

1      The false duality of mind & nature is clear, in how events for each begin with bursts of self-organization and energy use, “eventfully”. ;-)

2      More revealing is how the eventfulness of mind and nature doesn’t occur in theories, relying on defined relationships not discovered ones.

3      Operating the earth as an equation, by our rules rather than natures, we go mad hoping our bursts of self-organization can be made infinite.

4      We misplace reality as what’s in our models, missing the eventful world still undefined they point to, not what we see but what we look at.

5      First language was created to express feeling, then split by using facts, needing models with controlled relationships, and unfeeling.

6      That’s why we are destroying the earth, and see but don’t feel it, relying on models that blind us to the meaning of what they help us do.

7      3Step Process of Learning to Work With Nature (not a theory, but a method of finding meaning in the facts of life). …

8      So, since models inherently can’t tell us the meaning of change, we now need our hearts to learn how environments work, to find what to do.