Real steering for the chicken and egg

Yesterday Eric Rimmer, on the sustainability slide show discussion, had replied to my comment about the problem with using I=PAT for the “chicken and egg” problems of overshoot relating the problem of population vs. wealth. He said:

Thank you. Phil. Interesting thoughts, though I can’t detect what you suggest we should DO?

Well, I’ve been thinking about that too… Because the way natural systems steer their development is by using their operating surplus to redirect their development.  We should get Barack to realize his mistake of saying it’s OK to spend all our effort and surpluses to get back to using up the earth’s resources ever faster again. Continue reading Real steering for the chicken and egg

Now real steering at the tipping points…!

Emily Spence had sent me a PNAS paper on the “Tipping elements in the earth’s climate system” and “Is Economic Growth a Delusion” by Steven Stoll


Thanks much again.   The PNAS paper on tipping elements, though as good as I’ve seen from established scientists, is still a bit flimsy relative to what you could say.   You could consider the evolving physical systems of the earth as developmental processes, with organization of their own that can be destabilized themselves, rather than as mathematical models.

No contest about the balance at present...

Models just don’t have many of the behaviors that natural systems do.  They use controlled variable theory to represent distributed uncontrolled systems with independently changing and reacting parts… Continue reading Now real steering at the tipping points…!