What kind of search is finding the new model?

This is a response to Graeme Rickard’s post on Apr 27 to the Australian environmental network GreenLeap, discussing why the dimensions of the environmental problem seem increasingly unsolvable.

Graeme,  When you notice that many of our best traditional solutions are making our energy and environment problems much worse now, it raises the stakes, but also lets you trace existential dilemma to its logical origins.

The origins of the problem provide solid evidence the problem is our whole model, not shortcomings in our execution.

To have the epiphany needed to change your whole way if thinking, though, seems require finding some hidden dimension of our thinking that can be “uncurled” to help us find ways to branch off the model we have toward something else.

How some of our most trusted solutions simply won’t work at all exemplifies the problem. The “solution” of providing more energy to an “energy starved” economic system with an infinite energy appetite, actually just feeds the addiction. It does not cure it. Continue reading What kind of search is finding the new model?