Is our “explanation world” how the “natural world” works by itself?

I commented yesterday on a Brian Lehrer radio show with Francis Fukuyama, discussing his recent book on The origins of political order.  You may recall Fukuyama’s previous book from 2006,”The end of History”, which caused some stir. though history continued in any case.


Francis Fukuyama seems to do a good job of tracing the implications of modern social science theory back toward the origins of society.  He represents the natural process of human cultural evolution as a cultural historian naturally might, in terms of the history of cultural explanations.

That describes the evolution of “the explanatory world” of our attempts to represent history in terms of our cultural values.  It doesn’t seem to reflect any consideration how the “the natural world” would have evolved to create the features we then attempt to explain. Continue reading Is our “explanation world” how the “natural world” works by itself?