How DO we reduce our economic footprint?

On Nov 12, 2:44 pm, Vera wrote:

> And I would add to Joan’s request: people respond to resource
> depletion by advocating frugalizing responses in part because
> it makes sense of a personal level, and because they don’t
> know what else to do.
> So given Jevons Paradox, what does a person or a small
> community do instead? Escalate their use instead? Some have
> suggested that, sort of tongue in cheek, but sort of seriously…
> but it is ethically repugnant at the same time, nah?


Well, it’s truly a conundrum, especially given the odd consumption logic of the greens that says what you buy matters more than how much you spend.  The “reality math” tells more or less the exact opposite story. Continue reading How DO we reduce our economic footprint?