“Distoppley”, the game after “Monopoly”

“Distoppley” is a game that starts from bankrupting the economy as at the end of Monopoly, when you then get to figure out a more successful end.

– from a The Finance Lab conversation responding to a finance learning game idea raised by Mark Gater –

Phil Henshaw on 3/18/10

How about if you made it fairly realistic, allowing money holdings to continue growing normally even when the amount of product doesn’t, as it we have now. Keynes proposed his change in the rules for that circumstance, for how to coordinate the emergence of “peak stuff” with a matching “peak money”. Do you think it would be worth designing a money game to see what winners would do with their multiplying ownership of finite goods in that case, and if they’d discover the way out? Continue reading “Distoppley”, the game after “Monopoly”