China, reducing “carbon intensity”, not carbon emissions

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Maybe this is a break in the log jam… in disguise, a real opportunity to ask the tough questions.

Take China’s promise to slow carbon release by decreasing its economic carbon intensity. The strange fact, that points to our need to deeply rethink how we’ve been trying to slow down ALL kinds of environmental impacts, is that reducing carbon intensity does not reduce carbon emissions. Continue reading China, reducing “carbon intensity”, not carbon emissions

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To end the “rat race” – Chasing our own tail & falling behind

Steve asked on 11/16/09:

Dear Phil and Andy,

If we could choose in this moment to will one thing, that is to say, to take a single step along a new path to a sustainable future (recognizing that one step will be only the first of many more to come), what would that step be?  Other ways of asking this question are, “How do we take the first step forward in a new direction? What does taking that initial step look like? Precisely what first step is required to begin anew?

Any new path appears to be a learning process, usually one we may have already taken many steps on but don’t see it. At the beginning of a learning process there’s a period when all you seem to have to show is your mistakes.

It’s those loose ends that you eventually find a way to connect.  The path is through the unexpected connection of loose parts, so stay open to questioning .  It would help things if more people were willing to question their own beliefs, though.  Not knowing which ones are truly reliable, and which beliefs “just ain’t so”, is one of the main problems. Continue reading To end the “rat race” – Chasing our own tail & falling behind