How could we possibly tell?


How could we tell whether we’ve ended up being at war with the natural defenses of the indigenous dessert community of Iraq?

The fact that the behavior of the ‘insurgency’  is seemingly so illogical and counter productive for what would be presumed to be their own interests is one good clue.   Natural system responses are not planned or based on policy analysis, but on gut reactions.   Quite often enough natural system defense mechanisms are self defeating.

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The main question…

I get a lot of traffic, but people seem hesitant to comment. It’s about a potentially very useful new way to read the natural truth, connections and changes of the events around us, something important overlooked by physics. I think it can be generally accessible. I’d be very interested, and grateful, for hints on where your interest slips away, the things you don’t follow, etc. My love of the field is partly that it has made the real world seem a little more real, and heightens the intensity of my every day observations.
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