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4 Nov 2015

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Pattern Language/deep-ecology

2019 Henshaw, J. Growth Constant Fingerprints of Economically Driven Climate Change: From 1780 origin to post-WWII great acceleration.
2nd submission preprint.

2019 Henshaw, J. Guiding patterns of naturally occurring design: A general pattern-language approach to understanding nature; Elements and Mining Living Quality. Scholars' Press. ISBN 978-613-8-83895-1. see also new book announcement

2018 Henshaw, J. Systems-thinking for Systems-making: Joining systems thought and action. in Systemic Practice and Action Research, 32(1), 63-91, DOI: 10.1007/s11213-018-9450-2, Author's PDF 

2015 Henshaw, J., Guiding Patterns of Naturally Occurring Design, Mining Living Quality, PLoP 2015 proceedings. Oct 22-25 Pittsburgh. ISBN: 978-1-941652-03-9 2019 Edit PDF, Reference Directory

2015 Henshaw, J., Guiding Patterns of Naturally Occurring Design: Elements. PURPLSOC 2015 proceedings, July 3-5 2015 Krems, Austria. ISBN 9-646-73066; online 2019 Edit PDF, Reference Directory

2014 Henshaw, P., An Unhidden Pattern of Events. Reprinted by H Finidori from 1979 book of collected papers and essays.

2008 Henshaw, P., Life’s Hidden Resources for Learning, Cosmos & History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy, vol. 4, nos. 1-2, 2008, 2008 issue on "What is Life" 

1985 Henshaw, P., Directed Opportunity, Directed Impetus: New tools for investigating autonomous causation,  Society for General Systems Research, Louisville KY

Natural Systems Physics:

2019 Henshaw, J. Growth Constant Fingerprints of Economically Driven Climate Change, 2nd submission preprint

2011 Henshaw et. all. System Energy Assessment (SEA) Sustainability 2011, 3(10), 1908-1943; doi:10.3390/su3101908 (author's PDF) Attention Score

2010 Henshaw, P., The Energy Physics of Continuity in Change - pending resubmission

2010 Henshaw, P., Models Learning Change The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy, vol. 6, no. 1, 2010 ISSN 1832-9101

2007 Henshaw, P., Flowing processes in a punctuated species change, G. pleisotumida to G. tumida, displaying feedback driven evolution, Abstract & Intro  - pending resubmission

1999 Henshaw, P. Features of derivative continuity in shape, International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence., 13, 1181 (1999). DOI: 10.1142/S0218001499000677 (author's PDF)

1985 Henshaw, P., Unconditional Positive feedback in the economic system, proceedings, Society for General Systems Research, Louisville KY

Reports to UN bodies -  Measuring properties of natural systems, Describing Mathematical methods for identifying natural organization of economic and cultural systems for learning how to work with nature.

2018 Henshaw, J. Culture, Finance-for-Development & tPPP’s invited civil society comment for 2018 Finance for Development meetings

2014 Henshaw, J. A World SDG – global accounting of responsibilities for economic impacts,
invited civil society outreach - for UN OWG and UN NGO Major Groups

2014 Henshaw, J. Big Data and the right to human understanding, Invited civil society outreach for UN Independent Expert Advisory Group (IEAG) on the Data Revolution

2014 Henshaw, J. Easy Intro, “scope 4″ use & interpretation   and… Why all the tiers??  
- comments as Technical Working Group member for UNEP FI / WRI Financial Sector Guidance on CO2 Accounting and Risks

2013 Henshaw, J. New Institutions For A Global Commons. Commons Action for the UN (CAUN), for  UN Post 2015-Consultation on Environmental Sustainability



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