The false duality of mind & nature

Tweets from Shoudaknown 7/17/13

1      The false duality of mind & nature is clear, in how events for each begin with bursts of self-organization and energy use, “eventfully”. ;-)

2      More revealing is how the eventfulness of mind and nature doesn’t occur in theories, relying on defined relationships not discovered ones.

3      Operating the earth as an equation, by our rules rather than natures, we go mad hoping our bursts of self-organization can be made infinite.

4      We misplace reality as what’s in our models, missing the eventful world still undefined they point to, not what we see but what we look at.

5      First language was created to express feeling, then split by using facts, needing models with controlled relationships, and unfeeling.

6      That’s why we are destroying the earth, and see but don’t feel it, relying on models that blind us to the meaning of what they help us do.

7      3Step Process of Learning to Work With Nature (not a theory, but a method of finding meaning in the facts of life). …

8      So, since models inherently can’t tell us the meaning of change, we now need our hearts to learn how environments work, to find what to do.




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