Seminar on my work at June 2011 Foo Camp

Aleks Jakulin is a systems scientist, entrepreneur and professor at Columbia University, a very interesting guy, who was invited to present at the June 2011 Foo Camp meeting information space hackers and scientists. The invitation is to present the work of someone else, a nice twist, and Aleks chose to present my work, also incorporating some of my years of discussing our approaches to general systems theory with our mutual friend Stan Salthe.

We chose the working title:
System archetypes & anarchitypes… because my interest has always being in the natural processes that are “model breaking”, like the enduring eventfulness of change and how events are reliably individualistic. Below are some of the notes and images he’ll be working from as he builds a conversation on the subject.

Once you have a reliable image for something, an impression, a belief, an equation or rule, how can you keep clear in your thinking that it’s something of your own invention? Failing to do so seems to be central to the “curse of knowledge” that people can only look into the past, and our rules for things often leave us horribly unprepared for the future. Continue reading Seminar on my work at June 2011 Foo Camp