The “What to do… ?” question, still there!

“What to do” is a question I’ve tried to answer before. A Google search for “what to do”turns up 75 places on my web site where I use the phrase.  I like my May 29 post in response to “What’s one thing everyone could do to slow climate change?” for example.  It hits the nail on the head, ranging from advanced systems science to the every day practical necessities.

The more general message I keep telling people, though, is to become explorers of the real world that will be grading our exams… That likens our circumstance to not having paid attention in class, and finding a couple hundred years of back homework suddenly coming due.

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The failing recovery: natural diminishing returns

Marketplace Radio said it best today, discussing why everyone is having such a hard time explaining why the economy is unresponsive to stimulus. My comment:


It was gratifying to hear you discuss our so very stubborn economic dilemma with your question for your guest, “You mean we still don’t know what we don’t know?” And getting the simple answer “Yes.”

I’ve known generally how and why the present dilemma would arise for over 30 years.   I’ve had a hard time telling you, though.  As many times as I try, you (and others) don’t respond with questions.   I hope the following helps. Continue reading The failing recovery: natural diminishing returns

An idea for Corporate Speech! – recognize fiduciary duty

This one sounded good enough to Mike McCabe of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaigninvestigating the waves of secret corporate cash going into politics this year, to rate it: “Thanks for the note. Good points. Very well said.”


Thanks for your work,

Somehow limitless deceptive speech by corporations,… especially in secret,…. especially if misleading about their own shareholders and the public’s interests, isn’t right.

What about the literal meaning of “fiduciary”? Has anyone read the words lately?

Corporations are public trust with a fiduciary duty to act in the interests of others, their public stock holders and the their licensing agency. Perhaps some people think of that as meaning “money, money, money, money”, but the words don’t say that! The words say: Continue reading An idea for Corporate Speech! – recognize fiduciary duty

Is it “push and shove” or skillful avoidance?

One of the interesting exchanges on: the George Monbiot discussion page, this one on “The Process is Dead”


JR, The question is confusing, no doubt, as to the difference between resource limits, which are absolute, and whether species evolve to seek or avoid conflict. I always find that on such questions the answer is “both” and that nature has more variety in her strategies than any theory is capable of incorporating. Continue reading Is it “push and shove” or skillful avoidance?