Immersing ourselves in nature’s intelligence?

Geo Mobus’ post on his blog “Question Everything”, on “Where is the Economy Going” left little to question but that the choices for the physical economic system we’ve called home for a couple centuries is either down or faster down.

It does seem true enough, comparing the beliefs that led us to our present global impasse, and deep denial of how different the present physical world really is from those beliefs. But there are also other questions. This is a response to the ideas of “GaryA” and “Florifulgurator” yesterday, about other things to do than cling to our dead end.


Good questions…. The idea of a “mass sea change of some kind”, a religion that’s not a religion…”immersion rather than separation with nature” is something that could be curiously hidden in plain sight.

It might be a matter of becoming part of nature’s intelligence as a physical act, as a way to overcome our flawed mental constructs of how nature works. Immersion seems to help, but is easily derailed by the our habit of converting the physical subjects studied into theories, and so losing sight of the originals.

That only seems avoided by leaving your theories incomplete, and finding a way to retain the questions you wouldn’t have had time to explore, the openings to unexplored paths in the road map.

You see the other solutions to the growth problem demonstrated all the time that way. They’re in the deep mystery of the natural systems that grow explosively to a point at which they change form, and mature to perfection instead of ripping themselves to pieces or disrupting and depleting their environments.

The catch is not that how they do it can’t be studied well enough to imitate. It’s needing to keep the open questions as you go, and getting lost if you strip them away to make things more explicable. If you can maintain your contact with and curiosity about the physical subjects themselves in that way, not reducing them to images, one can watch where the net energy goes that gives natural systems their self-steering capability.

You’d need to find a community of people curious about the possibility of looking to the physical world for the “true religion” and for not finding it in just a more ethereal images. You could say it’s in “the unending meditation” of “being here” if that softens the jolt a bit.

It seems to involve separating our information and cultural realities from the independent realities of their physical subjects, in order to fully enjoy the richness of useful questions nature’s physical intelligence raises, and to give our rich mental experience a more reliable connection.

That double step of separating our mental realities from our physical ones, leading to a better way to connect them, makes most everyone I know turn and run, though… That’s a bit of a problem. It’s the subject I write about though, and find a minute growing audience for.


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