Recent additions to Concept and Comment list

List of short articles on main website: Concept and Comment.  Here are some recent additions – Happy Thanksgiving 2009

Peak Zucchini – 11/20/09 The story of overabundance and when to give it away for our Thanksgiving…
What in the world is really going on here? – 11/15/09 How our work ethic accidently pushes us up an ever steeper learning curve
How we get out of this – 11/11/09 What to do when it’s your solutions that become the main cause of your problems
Inside Efficiency – 11/10/09 The mystery of why doing tasks ever more efficiently multiplies their services and impact growth
The Missing Variables in Thermodynamics – 10/24/09 The unhidden but missing energy that builds energy flow systems
Lines of Sustainability – research notes on defining the limits of sustainability and points of vanishing returns.
Economies That Become Part of Nature – how we can, why we have to
When = becomes a sign of change – The real “millennium bug” is all the = signs becoming ? marks.
Efficiency Mistake – the main unwanted reverse effects of efficiency & productivity 5/27/09


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