For ‘Game-ruptcy’, physics that could work

When you look at the world “money game” as having been a bit too successful in multiplying other people’s obligations, measuring the degree of distortion and resetting the whole game seems quite necessary.  It would also be the best bet for something guaranteed to work and work quickly.

It’s more than a little radical, but it could let us get ahead of the deflationary spiral, the waves of job losses and defaults, and rebalance the system.

The basic issue is how much more debt obligations were created than the physical economy produces wealth. Then people got into a further game of raising the stakes, like musical chairs… It’s a fundamental problem with the game.

You can compare a variety of measures of the real economy and the excess inflation of financial obligations, and mark down the obligations. It could be done by fairly a simple, if significant, executive order.

It won’t collapse the system because you would only be erasing illusions of wealth, and relieving the critical institutions of the economy of unfulfillable obligations, so we don’t have to dismantle them in bankruptcy.

We need to stop playing catch-up when it’s our life support system caught in a global deflationary spiral.

A proposed executive order, Reset$,$.htm


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