You have to laugh at our climate control plan!

posted to Climate Concern Group 1/28/09

You have to laugh about the long range predictions for the environment, though.    The planners show ocean levels continuing to rise for 1000+ years, even if CO2 increases are halted immediately.  The curves all have a different slope depending on how soon.

That well founded idea has been in all the literature, even from the economists, for a decade or more.  see:


It shows every physical symptom of growth leveling off,
and GDP shooting straight UP!

The really comedic part of this OECD graph projecting the future, if we act on climate aggressively now, is that it also shows the projection of economic growth.  GDP for the same for 1300 years, goes off the chart from very near the start!

In 1300 years, doubling every 20 years, what is considered to be the “growth constant”, the economies would get very “big”.   They’d come to have wealth equal to about 700 present global economies, *per square foot*, for every square foot of the land mass of the earth.

Hey, check my figures!
*** W E ’ R E   G O N N ’ A   B  E   V E R R Y  *R*I*C*H* ***

Well, that is, till you think about what your rent would become.  If you lived in a 100sf room then you rent would be at least 5,800 2010$ Global GDP’s a month!

Phil Henshaw


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