A very short novel – A Small Mistake

I think maybe we should believe our eyes rather than make excuses for some old rules that aren’t working.

Maybe what happened, in the beginning, was that God sent the scribe a text message, saying, “…and I give you all this and a wonderful mind with which you can make models to bee the world around you. Have fun! G.” As the scribe gazed into the meanings of the message, silently observing the typographical error in God’s texting, he quickly judged there was an extra ‘e’ in ‘bee’, and to not bother God by mentioning it.

He then proceeded to follow that instruction by writing down his own model of the world in what he called “the book”, telling the whole flock that God had told him that “whatever he imagined would be the world in which we live… and that it would be fun”  The scribe, of course, might have traced the dissonances and asked if the typo was actually an accidental ‘b’ in place of the ’s’ God intended.

If the instruction had said our mental models were to help us “see” the world rather than to “be” the world around us it would have meant nearly the exact opposite of how he took it. We’d then have always learned to use mental models to help us observe the independent living things with which we share the world, rather than to picture them as all under our control.

Too bad God didn’t check back in to see if we all had gotten the original message. Then again, maybe he did endlessly, but all his messages were inconstant with the revealed truth and automatically erased as spam… Taking it as the scribe did we were all then taught that the world is to be controlled by our images, and still worse, to just sit quietly in shame, embarrassed to ask, if our own personal failure to make that work, or to see it as fun, showed how poorly we had listened to instructions…

~ The end ~



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