AutoLisp programming


A starter package of curve analysis tools.

Derivative Reconstruction searches sequential records of change for indications of underlying process continuity, and produces a differentiable sequence function by iteration. The result is not an equation, but can be used somewhat like one. DR is a curve analysis and construction system designed to distill evidence of structural change from historical data on natural processes.

It differs fundamentally from the conventional statistical methods which serve to provide measures of confidence for mathematical models. DR is more like a listening device, for finding and studying the unique behavioral structure of individual events, used where it is reasonable to assume that a sequence of measures accurately represent passing states of complex processes that have underlying continuity. It's a filtering magnification device for organic behavioral change.

Jan 31 96 drtools.pdf (a little dated, but useful)

Apr 97 a collection of AutoLISP DR command functions for AutoCad 13 or earlier

I also have a great unpublished library of custom ACAD commands, drop me a line.........

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