A story by Jonathan Henshaw - SnorthDesand220@mindspring.com

Once there was a farmer. His name was Elmer Funne. His personality was like his name. He was a real joker. He played really mean pranks on people.

One day, it started to rain. Elmer thought "Good. some rain. Hasn't been rain for three weeks now. It'll do my crops good." So he went inside to watch some TV. He must have fallen asleep, because when he woke-up, there was water up to his knees in the house! He saw that a window had broken in from pressure of being submerged in water!

Elmer was thinking, "What the! A FLOOOOOOOOD! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! My crops are ruined!"

He saw that the water is above the first floor window level, so he went upstairs, and saw the water was not at the second floor yet. "Whew!" he said to himself.

He opened the window, and tried to see where the water level was, but his glasses fell. Elmer tried to grab them, but, you want to know what? he fell out of the window, barely catching his glasses, and fell right into the water.

Now, Elmer was the kind of tolerant guy, but this was way too much! A flood! He was a farmer, and all his crops drowned! Then, it stopped raining.

You're probably thinking, "Whew!" But it's not over yet! It started Hailing. Now, Giant balls of Ice were coming down, and hitting Elmer on the head!

It turns out, Elmer is an excellent swimmer! he swam all the way to the school, and climbed to the roof. There, about twenty other adults were crying of homes lost, along with about forty other children!

Every one was waiting for helicopters to come. Soon it started raining again, and the water level raised above the school's roof. So every one swam to the church, the tallest building in town. And climbed it.

But after a few hours, when the helicopters came, all of tem were dead, drowned in the flood.

Elmer woke up, now realizing it was just a nightmare. Then he noticed another thing: There was water up to his knees in the house!

THE END!!!!!