Value Tree for Economy & Businesses   Arranged For Tracing E/S/G Impacts of Spending


Economic Sector

                  For tracing all impacts of business or consumer choices**


End Users

Costs not Reimbursable

100% of GDP Spending

·   Consumer purchases

·   Investor purchases

(to expand profit making business)


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 The Research Paper Whole Systems Energy Assessment - SEA

Buyers Request and Pay:

For every service in the whole tree, all the consumption needed to deliver the end product, and its natural impacts the earth, give them:

·   100% responsible for use

Top Producer

Biz. Costs Reimbursable from Sales

100% of GDP Revenue

·   Producer of End Products

·   Operation planning and management

Producers offer and deliver:

Organize and carry out those requests and all the impacts, so as in tort law are equally

·   100% responsible for use

Lower Tiers

Biz. Costs Reimbursable From sales


Payments pass through to other businesses, or to individual people. It’s often an 80%/20% ratio.  The variety and number of businesses and people paid at each tier varies widely. 

100% of Business revenue ends up paid to people, as “end producers”, to spend for consumption or for investment.

The Networks of Services:

Each business in each Tier is responsible is both buyer and seller, generating the demand for all the services they use (and the market for the products they sell). For initial accounting we’d count them

·   100% responsible for use


GDI/GDP = Global Intensity

Is average world impact per $GDP, likely for nearly all spending in a global economy,  given how large and diverse the “End Producers” paid are.

End Producers


Who also act as End Users


100% of GDP Earning

It starts with people and ends with people because machines and nature don’t either pay or get paid.

** Shown for “money in circulation”, but the details don’t change so much for business services that partly count debt as money based trust in it being repaid with interest.

JLH                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         7-Dec-14